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Social Media Campaign

With the rise in social media and its continued dominance of the web sphere, its utilisation for marketing strategies is inevitable. A long-term social media campaign has become crucial for any successful digital marketing strategy. Within this sphere, short-term campaigns are often held to draw focus on any subject or activity.

At SEORankToday we use social media campaigns for a range of client activities or services. Some of these are:

– Launch of a product, event or service
– Promotional activity
– Educational campaigns
– Information on services

Considering that the social media is becoming the digital equivalent of our social life, ignoring it is tantamount to ignoring a crowded space full of your intended customer!

Growing numbers: The number of social media users is humungous and likely to only go up. Facebook may lead the wagon, but Twitter, LinkedIn Google+ are not far behind. This is market that is simply expanding and growing in almost every direction.

Targeted scope: What makes social media ads so effective? It is their targeted scope. At SEORankToday we take into account the many parameters offered by Social media to judge the consumer demographic. These include professional, social, political interests as well as the browsing history. All these markers are used to create campaigns that are extremely focused. In other words, it targets consumers who are interested in your product or service and are, hence, likely to click through.

Mobile technology: Most social media websites offer one incredible advantage: their adaptation to mobiles. Many people access the internet on phone to just log on to their social media pages. To add to this advantage, most of these websites, particularly Google, has also incorporated their ads well in their mobile formats.

Why We Do It Better

Social media campaigns have emerged as the most effective tool in digital marketing campaigns. Some of the advantages they offer are:

  • Creating anticipation: When it concerns an upcoming event or product launch, the campaign typically starts days in advance. The aim is to create anticipation among the consumers. Initial posts will concern the announcement of the event. This is followed by a series of posts concerning the event or product. The aim is to keep the consumer focus on the main event and generate a buzz in the market.
  • Information: For smaller brands with a limited media reach, the social media is now doubling up as an information platform where they can announce events for all their followers and other interest groups. With the availability of apps, dedicated pages can be created within a particular social media profile.
  • Reaching out: The social media works much as a word-of-mouth campaign where your consumers can themselves be the part of the advertising! Many campaigns focus on creating videos, graphics or other interactive means to create maximum impact. If your campaign gets a ‘Like’ from a user, it then appears on that user’s page. Thus, you have the potential to reach thousands in just a few days.
  • Focused campaign: A social media campaign can be focused on a target group. By inviting select people, you can start with reaching out to people who have similar interests and tastes. Not just that, people visiting your page are already a high interest group.

There are many other advantages of running a social media campaign, including its economic approach. It incurs no additional cost or any special skills. At SEORankToday, we have gathered expertise in using all relevant tools to create an effective campaign.

We offers you an opportunity to exploit this growing market. Contact us at click here to find out more.